Family Owned And Operated Since 2015

We're dedicated to providing you the quality and service you deserve. By providing quality products from our partner at Latham Pools, we deliver timely service at the most competitive rates.

Sleepy Hollow Pools Owners

Ryan & Lakin Culp
Owners, Sleepy Hollow Pools

Sleepy Hollow Pools has gained a reputation for quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and superior customer service. The members of our team are good people and will be there for YOU every step of the way.





What We Do

We build quality pools in a timely manner. It's that simple.

Consistent Process

We take the guesswork out of contracting by setting realistic expectations and providing a step-by-step roadmap from start to finish.

Active Design Method

Our design process involves you in the creative journey. Educating you on your options and allowing you to discover your particular style, preferences, and vision for the project.

Get In Touch And Brainstorm Your Project!

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